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5 types of content: where does yours fit?

A terrific article by Tom Berry on the Chameleon blog asks the question: should brands themselves be publishers? The author says: “Publishing is a tough old business that has struggled to find its way in recent years. And anyway, most brands aren’t true publishers; besides the usual corporate bumf and marketers dabbling with social media and blogs, few companies sustain the infrastructure and desire needed to regularly publish independent or ‘useful’ content.”

So if you’re going to be creating content for your company, he continues, remember that any good article (unless it’s a column or opinion piece) requires an opinion, another option, and facts or 3rd party endorsements. These, or the overlaps between them, lead to five general types of corporate content. It’s the explanation of what these are which makes this such a useful read.

Read Publish And Be Damned here.

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