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About your website’s “about us” page

A subject which I haven’t addressed for a while is your website’s “about us” page – to my mind, the most criminally wasted opportunity in business marketing. Look at your website visitor statistics, and you’ll see that it’s probably as frequently viewed as your star product page. Yet it probably had about 10 minutes’ thought put into it.

What’s more, there’s only one type of visitor who looks at an “about us” page: the visitor who is already interested in your products or services, but who wants to know if there’s any reason why they shouldn’t get in touch. In other words, the most valuable visitor of all.

To say that most “about us” pages are tedious would be an understatement. Some are so poor that they would actually be improved by a mission statement. Yet they’re supposed to be closing the deal on making an enquiry.

So where do we start in creating an “about us” page which would persuade even the most dubious prospect to get in touch? For me, the starting point would be the sales team. They know what excites prospects about your company. But you may be able to answer the question “why us?” yourself. Either way, that’s what your “about us” page should be answering.

Draw up a table with your company and a couple of competitors at the top. If you’re a manufacturer, include a distributor (or vice-versa). Then list the benefits of buying from each organisation. Your “about us” page should focus on the ones where your company stands out, but equally, you might try to address the areas where others have an advantage.

The prospect doesn’t want to know about your company history, unless its intrinsic to your sales story. They want to know what you can do for them, and how easy it will be to get you to do that. Unless a typical prospect is a worldwide organisation, they’re not interested in how many offices you have, they want to know if there’s one near to them.

Instead of “about us”, imagine the page is titled “about the two of us”.

Finally, don’t forget your call to action! After they’ve read the “about us” page, your visitors should be getting in touch. So lead them on to that. And make sure they know what a good experience it’s going to be.

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