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Video streaming on the web? Really?

I was recently reading some articles from the 1990s, published in the magazine I edited back then, and which I’d archived online for posterity. It struck me how much things have changed in 15 years, and of course this led me to thinking how much they might change in the next 15. Many of us may still be employed – and in the same field – in 15 years’ time, after all.

In this wonderful article, my resident engineering futurologist predicts that “one day in the not too distant future… you’ll be able to view decent real time video on the World Wide Web”. Don’t laugh, this was an impressive idea back in 1998.

He also mentions “internet TVs” and “ads which are only beamed to appropriate viewers (like targeted direct mail)”. This was visionary stuff, and yet it was written relatively recently, certainly within the working lifetimes of the majority of readers here.

How marketing communications will look in 2028 is anybody’s guess. I have a hunch that the web as we know it will fade away, to be replaced – somehow – by an evolution of apps, but I think that email will soldier on in some format. That’s why email list-building continues to be a smart long- and short-term investment.

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