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Why do people buy from you?

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of a business is one of the first things we learn about in marketing or business studies classes. Everyone understands that every business must have some sort of a USP, even if the management doesn’t appear to know what it is anymore.

What’s your USP? Why do people buy from you?

Has your marketing lost focus on what your USP actually is?

At its simplest, a USP is just whatever you have that the competition doesn’t. It might be the experience of your sales team, the technical superiority of your product, or support so wonderful that customers never look elsewhere.

It might be all three, of course. Even better USPs arise when a business combines two or more ideas, features or capabilities which nobody else is offering together. This can be as simple as just “being” a blue widget supplier in a certain part of the country, when all the competitors are elsewhere. Or it could be combining a particular service with a method of ordering or payment which hasn’t been offered before in this sector.

Whatever your USPs may be, it’s important that you work out what they are, and keep them in your thoughts at all times. It’s too easy to be diverted by improved technical specifications or exciting new sales initiatives and to forget why it is that customers come to you in the first place.

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