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Have a guess. No, on second thoughts, don’t.

Lots of website owners in the business to consumer (B2C) area have the luxury of being able to test out their marketing copy, and improve it based on response. In the business to business (B2B) area, very few of us can generate hundreds of responses under identical conditions, which is what’s needed to undertake comparative tests. We’re reliant on learning from others.

However, I suspect many B2B marketing people don’t even do this.

They don’t bother to research what B2C folks have discovered, and see what might apply to them. Instead, they just use gut feeling …or guesswork, as it should really be called.

And what do others tell us about copywriting, especially on landing pages (which for many companies, will be their product pages)? They tell us to talk about benefits, not features. And they tell us to describe these in the wording which customers use. Pretty simple stuff, right?

It would appear not, judging from most companies’ marketing material. In particular, it’s that second part which normally catches us out. We know that we shouldn’t describe our smaller blue widget as a “smaller blue widget”, because nobody wants a smaller blue widget – they want whatever it is that a smaller blue widget gives them.

Suppose that means you can get two blue widgets into the same space. That’s better: now we’re talking about what the benefit is. But here’s the catch: are customers looking to get two blue widgets into the same space? Maybe they are. But have you listened to them? Have you even asked your own sales team?

You know – and your customers certainly should know – that being able to get two blue widgets into the same space will mean they can double their throughput. But what are they likely to be searching for? A component which fits in half of the space or a component which can double their throughput?

Don’t guess. Ask. That’d be the advice of the people who can test out their marketing copy.

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