Finding any open goals in Wikipedia

Yesterday I mentioned what a quick win it can be to add information and links to a Wikipedia page. Find a page about your technology sector, identify some missing information, and add it. Then link to the explanation on your own website as the reference.

An even easier approach is to find some information on Wikipedia which is already there but has no reference. Such statements are normally marked by the label “[citation needed]”. If you have the necessary background information on your website which can confirm the unverified statement, get in there and add your site as the reference. If you don’t have the information on your website, get that article written!

And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a tool which allows you to find these unverified statements. The tool is called WikiGrabber and it couldn’t be simpler. Just add in a search term, and WikiGrabber will find related pages which have “[citation needed]” labels in the text. It’s an open goal.


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