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Ensuring your third-party article works hard for you

There are many websites out there, some of them quite good, which will take original articles from you. (If you’re not sure, ask the editor!). These can be beneficial in a number of ways. But to make them work, you need to go one step further than just submitting the article.

For a start, you want a nice link back to your site, and you don’t want to run the risk of the site editor “forgetting” to include this, or deciding not to bother with it. But even if you’re convinced that you’ll get a nice link which Google will like, what’s the incentive going to be for real people to click on it? “For more information…” never works that well.

One way to overcome all these risks is to include within the article a really good offer – a white paper or a case study, for example. Then create a page on your website which fulfils the offer, and link to that page from your article. The page should acknowledge where the reader has come from. Don’t be tempted to put the offer fulfilment behind a “gate” (a requirement to complete name and address details to get it) – the offer is there to ensure the link is provided, from a third-party site, to some quality content on your site. That’s all.

If you’ve written the article in such a way that it’s meaningless to exclude the offer, the third-party site will have to run the link as provided, and everyone wins.

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