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Don’t forget the benefit of familiarity

I believe in the power of email newsletters and email marketing so much that I successfully argued to my colleagues that we base the entire sales and marketing strategy of our business around it. I then went on to argue that it would be cost-effective to have an experienced salesman working full-time on building the email marketing list, and we invested in that as well.

But until now, we’ve been making a fundamental mistake. I wonder if you might do too, with your own email marketing lists?

We encourage people to sign up through other media, such as the telephone or on our website. They’re then added to our email distribution list. Simple.

Except they haven’t physically seen what they’re signing up for. And so when it arrives, it’s a surprise. They might not relate it to the business or website which “sold” it to them, perhaps just hours before. The email might be considered just more junk, and never looked at. The same will apply to any which follow.

We could get round this very simply; when somebody signs up for our email list, they should instantly get an email which ties everything together. It should say: “thanks for joining our circulation” and “here’s a picture of what you’re going to get”. That way, from the first proper email we send them, we’ll have the most critical thing on our side. Recognition.

1 thought on “Don’t forget the benefit of familiarity”

  1. I totally agree! That instant recognition is so important, and also already integrated into many email marketing platforms. One more suggestion is to keep a consistent look and feel across anything newsletter related. I think the opt-in form and especially the first email you send, should look similar. The rest of the emails should as well, but I think you have a little bit more play once people have bought in. What do you think?

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