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Anyone can add to Wikipedia, what’s stopping you?

Links from Wikipedia are great. While they don’t pass on “link equity” which improves your ranking in Google, they will get you links from other sites. This is because people writing about your subject “borrow” the links quoted in Wikipedia for their own use. And as a bonus, they’ll also get you a ton of traffic.

Since anyone can add links to Wikipedia, what’s stopping you? I guess there are two things. Firstly, you have to learn how to edit Wikipedia, which will involve an hour or two of your time. But that’s a one-off. And secondly, you need a reason to be linking from Wikipedia to your site. You can’t just add a line saying: “We make this product”. You need to be adding genuinely useful – and correct – explanatory information to the page. And then you need to be linking to something on your site which backs up the facts being stated.


How one pump manufacturer has seen a missing statement on a Wikipedia page about “peristaltic pumps” (above) and added a technology background article on its website as the reference (below)


Tomorrow I’ll show you a tool which can help you find such opportunities. But for now, go and have a look on Wikipedia at the pages about your technology sector. Is there any obvious missing information which you could add, right now? You can then link to your website as the reference, assuming you have an article which explains things. If you don’t have such an article, isn’t it about time that you did?

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