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Possibilities with remarketing you may not even know about

Yesterday I explained how Google AdWords Remarketing is now so much more than “ads following you around the web”. It’s highly appropriate for products with a long buying cycle, and you can now even show different ads on the Google search results pages to people who’ve already visited your website. Here are some of the things you can do with it.

Firstly, let’s get rid of the elephant in the room. Many advertisers don’t like remarketing because they associate it with those banner ads for a particular retailer which appear on every single website you visit after you’ve been to the retailer’s website, however briefly. They even find it spooky when – even if you’ve only glanced at that retailer’s socks page – you start to see adverts for socks when looking up the football results, playing online Scrabble or using GMail.

That often occurs just because the remarketing campaign has been set up badly, although for the big retailers, if it measurably works to bombard you with ads, who can blame them?

For B2B companies, we’d set those sorts of ads to show much more gently, perhaps no more frequently than once a day to any individual user. This gives the impression to visitors that you’re just a company which advertises more widely than you really do, rather than being one which is somehow stalking them.

Normally, these ads associated with remarketing are image (also known as banner) ads. However, you can also remarket on third-party sites in just the same way with text ads, which is much more subtle. We find this works well too.

And there’s a third option. You can now use the remarketing concept to modify the ads which you show on the Google search result pages. If someone’s already been to your blue widget website, and searches for blue widgets again in the future (which they’re very likely to do), you can show them a different advert, or just bid a lot higher to ensure your advert is at the top of the page. (If you’re running your own Google AdWords campaign and are not using this option, search for “RLSA” to find out more).

My advice would be to look at all these remarketing opportunities. Imagine if you had an exhibition stand, and the organiser had somehow arranged for everyone who knew about your company to wear a blue hat, so you could see them coming. How great would that be?

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