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One great way to get links to your website

People often say to me: “This stuff about link building is all very well, but seriously, who’s going to link to us? We get links from the Blue Widget World website, but there aren’t influential blogs or anything much else for us to go for. Where are we supposed to get all these links?”

And that, of course, is a great question. Usually the best links come unexpectedly from sites which you haven’t even considered. In my experience, these sites – some of them quite unlikely – all require one thing: that the page they link to is a genuinely useful (and probably manufacturer-independent) resource.

Could you build such a resource? Many other manufacturers have done so, quite successfully, so the answer is probably yes. Take a technology with which you’re involved, and think about whether you could write a genuinely useful guide (think: Wikipedia page). A page which has not been done before. If there are already plenty of background articles online telling people exactly what blue widgets do, then think about a version which might be more applicable to your market, whether it’s an industry or a geographical region.

Look at what a Wikipedia page contains, and base your own resource page on this. Above all, it has links to other sites (manufacturer-independent, obviously) which back up the facts being stated. It will discuss, and link to, trade associations, exhibitions, courses and other bodies related to the subject. Imagine you were writing a crash course for a new sales engineer arriving from another industry.

If you already have one of those old-fashioned “useful links” pages on your site, you’re off to a good start. This can help you create the article. And if you don’t have the time, there are plenty of good writers out there who’ll put it together for less than the price of a page advert in a magazine.

The resource will, in time, attract links, which will benefit your whole site in the Google results. Give it a try.

1 thought on “One great way to get links to your website”

  1. You’re dead right. The old “Resources” page with a list of links is much better replaced with an authorative article with some of these links within at as sources. Of course, this is more difficult to do which is why you should do it to give your site that extra edge

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