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Marketing emails: why more means more

I read an article yesterday discussing the perceived wisdom (but possible myth) that “if you send more email, you just get ignored more.” Now, I would certainly agree that quality is important in email promotions: far too much of the material I receive is just companies going through the motions with uninspiring newsletters. However, my experience is far from being “if you send more email, you just get ignored more.”

What happens is that if you send more email, you get more unsubscriptions, that’s true. But as I’ve written before, no email marketer should be afraid of unsubscriptions. You do not want to be sending marketing material to people who don’t want it, so thank heavens there’s a self-cleaning mechanism. If somebody unsubscribes because two emails a week from you is too much, I doubt they’d have actually read your email if you only sent one a week.

As for being ignored more though, I don’t think that’s true. Never underestimate the amount of email which people receive. You might think that increasing your mailing frequency from monthly to fortnightly is a big step, but even in the inbox of somebody who only gets 750 emails a month (which is just one an hour), it’s nothing. Successful emails are all about the personal appeal of the subject line, so the more you send out, the more are likely to get opened. Just make sure the content doesn’t disappoint.

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