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Google rankings? Start with your own website

I was recently asked: “My company really has one generic search term for which we need to be found, but we don’t rank well for it at all. So we were advised to set up a separate website to target that search. What do you think of that idea?”

My answer was simple. If you only have one generic search term for which you need to be found, why is your main company website not set up for that already?

Here’s what somebody would do if you asked them to set up a website to target a specific term. They’d ensure the term was in the home page title, description and headline. They’d write loads of great content about that search term. And they’d start a process of encouraging links from relevant pages elsewhere on the web, using that search term.

The one disadvantage they’d have is that the new website wouldn’t have any history (and Google loves history), nor would it have any links to begin with. The company’s existing website, however, has both of those. And it can have all of the things above which you’d put in the new site. Surely that’s the way to do it?

2 thoughts on “Google rankings? Start with your own website”

  1. Hi Chris,
    we had a similar problem as we sell a ‘very’ niche micro dehumidifier. Problem is, if you use the words micro dehumidifier you gets millions of hits and our target market will never find us. We looked for a technology based USP and managed to get an entry in Wikipedia’s dehumidifier section under “ionic membrane dehumidifiers” and it made a big increase in the number of visitors. Although still not big numbers, they are from our non-consumer target market.

    Just a thought


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