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To go along with Google’s latest “thing” …or not?

Google is crucial to all of our businesses, and it changes on an almost weekly basis. Most of its innovations (especially if they involve us having to do something) never really gain any traction, and quietly fade into obscurity. Wikipedia has a list, to which we can now add Google Authorship. So when folks like me say: “Ooh, here’s something new which you should do, because Google says you should”, there’s a choice: jump straight in, or do nothing and take a chance that whatever it is will have been discontinued in two years’ time.

Of course, it’s your call. If getting changes made to your online presence involves hours spent convincing head office, who’ll then do it all wrong anyway, you’ll probably give it a miss. If you can add something to the website yourself, before going-home time, I imagine you’ll give it a try. But I do think in most cases, the short-term benefit is usually worth it.

So who sees their Google+ page still being around in two years’ time?

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