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When’s the best time to send out a marketing email?

When’s the best time to send out a marketing email? There are many surveys, but we all know that every market is different, so we shouldn’t apply the results unthinkingly. I’d say that the best time to send out regular emails (such as daily or weekly newsletters) is whenever you send them out at the moment. That’s because the list you send to is self-selecting; if you’ve always sent them out at 11am on Friday, the people who like that time will be your best readers, and the rest will have faded away. However, if your emailing service can provide the data, you could always pull out the recipients who never seem to open the email and send them a message on a different time and day, asking if this is better for them.

If you’re starting a new mailing list though, you’ll probably have nothing to go on. A rule of thumb has always been mid-day, mid-week, and you won’t go far wrong with that. But if you’ve got any one-off mailings coming up, you’ve got an ideal opportunity to research your own market. Split the mailing list into five or ten parts, and mail out each one on a different day at a different time. Then take a look at the open rates. It’s crude, but it’s a lot better than guesswork.

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