Overexposure and overwork

Those of you managing your own Google AdWords campaigns need to be aware that there’s a major change being made, which is the removal of the option to use absolute “exact match” searches for targeting your ads. From now on, Google will show your ads against what it calls “close variants” too, which will result in more exposure, but possibly some that you don’t want.

For example, supposing you advertised against searches on programmable controllers. I’m guessing that Google’s new policy might mean your advert now gets shown against searches on programme controllers too, which is a quite different thing. We just don’t know. On the other hand, it might also mean your advert now also gets shown against searches on programmable controls, which could be something you’d omitted and which could be a good thing. Or not.

Now, getting around this is going to require paying close attention and using negative keyword matching. It’s going to require people like us to be more on the ball in our management of clients’ Google AdWords accounts, but we’re up for the challenge. Maybe it might be one of those little things which tips the balance enough for you to give up managing your own Google AdWords campaign next year, and let us take on the hard work. If so, you know where we are. I genuinely believe that every one of our 60 clients, all companies like yours, would say: “come and join us” if asked.

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