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What is “Native Advertising” and should we care?

“Native Advertising” is a big thing at the moment – it’s when paid-for content is put into the main flow of a publication. This isn’t anything new for those of us in B2B marketing; entire publications have been largely or completely financed by paid-for editorial for years. The practice, however, has normally been associated with the bottom end of the market. Now, led by online publications and the supposedly respectable label of “Native Advertising”, it’s moving up into the quality end of things. Expect to see a resurgence in the trade press soon.

To begin with, read “The Ultimate Guide to Native Advertising” by Joe Pulizzi or watch this fantastic ten-minute video piece by Jon Oliver of HBO in the USA:


If you don’t have time to watch the full ten minutes, at least watch the 45 seconds from this point.

Then, if you want more, have a read of “Native Advertising’s Apologists Miss The Point” on the Velocity blog. It’s a discussion which should interest all of us, and which – I suspect – will play a large part of shaping how we advertise in years to come.

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