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Continuous improvement

Too many website product pages are put together without anything like enough thought. I know, when you redesigned the site a couple of years ago, you had to write 250 of the things, so of course they were created to a template and – to be honest – didn’t get that much individual love. But what do people expect? Copying the text and image off 250 different data sheets was an achievement, right?

Indeed it was. But having got everything in place, setting yourself the target of revisiting – say – one product page a week and giving it some TLC must surely be a worthwhile project. The TLC could be something as simple as sending a link to the product’s sales manager and asking for suggested improvements, of course. Are the title, headline and text all targeting a key search term? How does the product look in the Google results, and could this be improved with a better title or description meta tag? Are the benefits of the product clearly highlighted? Is the image on the page actually selling? Or is it just a plain old shot slapped in because you had to find something?

1 thought on “Continuous improvement”

  1. You’re right. It’s easy to start accepting how your site looks and before you know it, it looks dated or you’re falling behind your competitors. Scheduling in 1 or 2 tasks/products a week is a good way to keep on top of it

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