Confusing your visitors from the outset

When people visit your home page, there probably aren’t that many things you can offer them which are genuinely profitable to you. The chance to find your contact details, of course. A list of the products you supply. Maybe some case studies for them to look at. Everything else? Well, if it’s just background stuff, maybe it shouldn’t be on the home page. Why give them the chance to wander down a corridor to the admin office when you can point them directly to the sales department?

So, how many links should you have on your home page then? Half a dozen? Maybe a dozen?

OK. How many do you think you’ve actually got? Go on, have a guess. A dozen? Two dozen? In that case, you may be offering visitors far too much – just stuff added to “bulk up” the home page, in the mistaken belief that this will somehow make your company seem bigger and better.

Now here’s the kicker. We’re going to count how many choices (links) you’re confronting the visitor with. Make sure you’ve had a guess first, then visit this page and type in your domain name.

Interesting, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Confusing your visitors from the outset”

  1. I’d estimated around 20 but on counting found it to be 30! I tried the link checker and it said I only had 4. Is that to do with the way the website’s setup so it can’t see them all? Does this mean that Google’s not seeing them?

  2. Interesting. I reckon it’s a limitation of the link checker, that it looks for full (“absolute”) URLs (e.g. “http://…”), whereas your site just uses the pages (without the domain) as the link (e.g. just “/contact.php”), known as “relative” URLs. That’s disappointing on the part of the link checker (if indeed that’s the problem, I don’t know), because the way you’ve done things is perfectly acceptable. A less elegant way of counting links would be to view the page source in your browser, and count the number of occurrences of the character string “a href=”, which in your case comes to 52.

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