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Speedier sites mean more visitors

Google has confirmed that site speed is a factor in your Google ranking. If you have a website which is slow to respond, you’re hurting your position in the Google results, and that can lose you hundreds, if not thousands, of potential visitors. There are two ways in which your site can be made slower than necessary: a poor server, and poorly designed pages. Both are fairly easily improved, and indeed, I’ve seen several of our own clients do both at the same time with recent website relaunches. Google itself gives you a brilliant tool to test page speed, called PageSpeed Insights, and that’s well worth passing on to your website developers if you have any. The tool will flag up “server response time” if your site responds in more than a lightning-fast 200msec, so expect to see that on the potential problems list. Improving your site speed might cost money, but it can pay for itself in traffic quite quickly.

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