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Is your SEO being done right? Or done at all?

Here’s a terrific “Insider Guide” which you might want to spend some time with. The Guide To Optimizing Client Sites 2014 on SEObook is a comprehensive how-to article which addresses every important aspect of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It’s aimed at outlining the state of the art to external consultants, in order that they can offer an “SEO” service to their clients, although it’s a sad indictment of the “industry” that anyone offering such a service might need a guide like this. However, I can assure you that they do; many times I’ve had an introductory chat with new AdWords management clients and they’ve remarked that they’re “investing in SEO”. When I ask what this involves, they reply: “well, it was just something our web designers offered when they did our site, and we’ve been paying them ever since”. Uh-huh. And the results they’ve achieved are, what, exactly? Usually nobody knows. Far be it from me to suggest that “SEO” is a nice little earner for some web designers, but let’s just say that if nobody’s asking for results, there might not be too much incentive to put in much effort. Read the article above and you’ll find out what needs to be done and what your SEO management project should be doing. Maybe it’s exactly what’s happening. At least you’ll be able to ask the right questions.

And maybe you might decide that it’s something you can do yourself.

1 thought on “Is your SEO being done right? Or done at all?”

  1. There are some unscrupulous people in the SEO industry (not me I hasten to add!!). It’s like everything else, you need to know a little about something before you spend your money on it. Be wary of SEO people that try to baffle you with science. It’s difficult to do but easy to explain in relatively straightforward terminology

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