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Freelance writers for content generation

Here’s a good article which explains, from the viewpoint of journalists, why they make the best people to fill that increasing “content generation” need which you have. Hire Journalists (Like Myself) to be Content Marketers on Copyblogger points out that as traditional writing employment (such as magazines) becomes less easy to find, there’s an increasing supply of good freelance writers. “Most of the skills that are needed to succeed in content marketing are already in the toolbox of modern journalists”, says the author, “which can sometimes make for an easy transition into this new industry.”

It’s important here not to confuse content generation with “PR” (as in “press” relations). Anyone who employs a PR consultancy in the engineering and science sectors will appreciate that content generation is a significant part of PR, but the two areas overlap. A PR consultancy can (and often does) handle the full spectrum of work shown below, but if you can take care of the work on the right, you may not need to pay for the whole package and a journalist may be what you need.


I would add that in the engineering and science sectors, freelance writers who come from a publishing background understand the process – and that’s hugely valuable. One writer I know always turns up to a briefing with his camera, because he realises that a story with a relevant technical image is so much more marketable, yet too many articles are supplied with irrelevant images because nobody thought to take any in time. Others are quite aware of who pays the bills and commissions them, and when they have great ideas, are more than happy to let someone internally take the credit. They may not always be what you need, but freelance writers can genuinely take their place as part of the team.

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  1. With “quality, shareable content” being the norm, I’m afraid the normal person can’t always write it. So freelance writers are definitely a viable option. The difficulty is finding a good one!

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