The “exit intent popup”

Everyone likes to talk about their own jobs. People who write about marketing like nothing more than to write about writing about marketing. What this means is that most articles about what does (and doesn’t) work online, seem to use writing about marketing itself as their case studies. I often glaze over, reading this stuff. But sometimes an article makes me think: “actually, there might be something in this for people selling blue widgets”. Such was the case with How I Grew My Email Sign Up Rate By 91% With One Simple Technique on the Ian Brodie blog.

Firstly, like most good articles discussing conversion, it’s worth looking at the guy’s own offer pages, because I bet they’re a lot better than yours (and – sigh – mine too). “Do this and you’ll get this, which will give you these real benefits”. That’s how to get people to sign up for something. But more importantly, it’s worth considering the main idea discussed in the article, which is the “exit intent popup”. This is a popup window which appears when your website visitors head for the close or back buttons. A very neat idea.

Of course, you’ll need a good offer before you can even consider this sort of thing. But if you’ve already got a great offer, and are frustrated by the low request rate, this might be something to talk to your web developers about.

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