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We love you, even if advertising agencies don’t

Here at BMON, we were honoured last month to get an invitation to the Google AdWords Community Summit in London, a two day event primarily for major advertising agencies, but also including a number of more specialist service providers like ourselves. I always look on in awe at those people – or teams – managing single AdWords accounts which spend thousands of pounds every day, and it was good to talk to some of them.

That, however, is the biggest problem for companies (probably like yours) which want to spend just a few hundred pounds a month on Google AdWords: everything’s geared up to advertisers who have huge volumes of data, not those who can go days between new customers. Unless they’ve got an agency in their sector geared up for this sort of business (such as ourselves!), then they’re on their own and made to feel a little unwanted. There was barely a presentation at the AdWords event which didn’t talk assume everyone was advertising hotels or running shoes. It was almost taken as read that every advertiser has an online store, whereas I think only 3 of our 60 clients have one.

But of course, the bulk of Google’s advertising comes from the “long tail” of relatively small spenders like engineering and scientific companies. Google is aware of this. They just haven’t got to grips yet with the fact that there are a few AdWords management providers like BMON who care about this large part of the market.

Google AdWords Community Summit
Somewhere in there at the Google AdWords Community Summit in London last month: yours truly, desperately failing to look like a trendy advertising agent

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