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Does call-tracking software work for you?

Are any readers using call-tracking software? This is a terrific idea in theory, but I’ve not come across anyone using it in the sectors we’re involved with – although I’m sure there must be some of you. If so, how are you getting on with it?

For anyone who hasn’t even heard of the idea, traditional (“static”) call-tracking lets you set up different telephone numbers to quote in different promotional media. The calls come through to the normal place, but the original source can be recorded, and (it’s to be hoped) linked to any report on the quality of the call. If this had been affordably available 20 years ago when I was the editor of a successful engineering magazine, I’d have paid advertisers’ costs in installing it, just to demonstrate how well my magazine worked. I’m not sure if any today are confident enough to offer the same thing.

Website visitor call tracking is even smarter. The telephone numbers on your website are replaced by a piece of code, and different numbers are shown to visitors, so that for those who actually call, we can see which website they came from, what keywords they used in an AdWords campaign, and what page they were looking at when they called. All excellent information, I’m sure you’ll agree. If you’ve tried (or are using) this, I’d love to hear of your experiences, in confidence of course.

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