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Useful and unusual additions to your data sheets

In this week’s look at data sheets, I’d like to list a few of the additional items of content suggested by readers which might not be essential, but could be usefully included. For example, although we’ve already covered links to online resources such as drawings in the printed version, it might be useful to have a link to the online version of that very data sheet. And although shortform links are essential (use something like Tinyurl if you can’t create your own shortener), one way to do this is a QR code.

Now, I’m a huge skeptic when it comes to QR codes, but I have to admit that enough companies are using them that surely, somewhere, somebody must actually be measuring the “clickthrough” usage and have decided that they do get used. So if you’re confident that users have the ability to scan and use the codes, feel free to include them.

Other good links to online resources might be to:
– a video showing the product in action;
– frequently asked questions;
– full health and safety disclosures for a market;
– accessory lists;
– relevant white papers or technology background articles;
– industry standards mentioned in the data sheet;
– social media contacts.

Encouraging prospects who’ve only seen the printed version of your data sheet to also visit your website can be a very good thing, assuming your website is worth visiting!

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