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What do you already know will be happening next year?

I saw a company news page the other day which said: “We’ll be exhibiting at BlueWidgetEx 2014 next week, do come and see us”. Nothing wrong with that, of course. As an aside, it said at the bottom: “Please call for free tickets”. Again, no problem; distributing tickets for the show organisers is a tried and tested way of adding prospects to your marketing database (if the prospect wasn’t interested in your products, they’re unlikely to have been on your website in the first place).

But what a missed opportunity! We’ll be exhibiting next week? Why didn’t the news story run nine months earlier, giving it a chance to actually be found? I know, I know: some exhibitions don’t do free tickets like that, or maybe you only booked the stand at the last minute. However, if you’ve booked for a show next year already, and know you’ll be distributing free tickets for the organisers, search for “bluewidgetex 2015 free tickets” on Google now and see if the top spot is there for the taking.

And that’s just one easy example.

There are already millions (yes, millions) of results on Google for “iPhone 7” and “iPhone 8”. Getting to the top spot is often just a question of thinking ahead. Is there some new legislation coming? Are you going to be moving into a new industry sector? What can you write about now, in preparation for that? What do you already know will be happening next year?

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