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Where I think remarketing can be brilliant for B2B companies

Most of you will, I’m sure, be aware of “remarketing” with Google AdWords. This is a system whereby you use the ubiquitous nature of Google’s advertising network of millions of websites, to show your adverts all over the web, but only to people who’ve visited your own website recently. When advertisers use this too broadly, we see the effect of adverts “following you round the web”, which isn’t always desirable. But if used carefully, it offers tremendous possibilities.

Remember, you’re advertising to a very specific group of people here, and the advertisement needs to be written accordingly. It’s pointless introducing your company, as the viewer has already visited your website. The normal example you see is to re-advertise a product to someone who looked at it on your online store, but didn’t buy it. That’s fine, but most of us don’t have online stores, and if we do, the number of visitors isn’t exactly dramatic.

However, where I’m beginning to think remarketing is brilliant for B2B companies, is in advertising new content on a website. Supposing you’ve just posted up a new how-to guide or case study which you’d like to highlight. Who better to advertise it to than prospects who’ve visited your website in the last few weeks? We’re finding that (perhaps not surprisingly) people are keener to click on advertisement links to interesting content than they are to simple product promotions, and once you’ve dragged them back to the site, I hope your content will then do its stuff.

If you’re producing regular content (say 1 or 2 good additions to your website a month) and are interested in setting up a remarketing campaign, do let us know. We can take all the effort out of the exercise.

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