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Introducing LinkedIn Showcase Pages

If you’re a fan of using LinkedIn – and you should be – then you may want to take a look at the new “Showcase Pages” being offered. These are extensions of your Company Page, “designed for spotlighting a brand, business unit, or initiative”. They’ll probably be of particular interest in large organisations, which can now have pages for business units, which link back to a “parent” Company Page.

The main differences between Showcase Pages and traditional Company Pages are that they don’t have careers, products, or services tabs at the top of the page, and employee profiles aren’t associated with them. To see a good example of how they’re used, take a look at Microsoft’s LinkedIn Company Page. You’ll see the Showcase Pages listed on the right, and if you compare them, you’ll see how they’re targeting different audiences.

If you’re using LinkedIn already and are finding that news and posts from different company divisions, or about quite different products, are (by necessity) mixed up, then this could be the answer.

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