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Getting a handle on your website with A1 Website Analyzer

Here at BMON, as I’m sure you’re aware, we run Google AdWords campaigns for engineering and scientific companies. However, once you’re employing us to do that job for you, we like to act as if we really were sitting over in the corner of your office getting on with it. And as you would with anyone else in your office, if there’s something you don’t know (and which you think we might do), just shout and we’ll do our best to provide any advice or opinions. There’s never any charge – we love helping out, it’s what we’re here for. Similarly, if there are any tools or resources we have available, they’re at your service. Think of us as a quiet extra member of your marketing team.

One such helpful task which we’re often being asked to undertake for clients is to “crawl” their website, making a list of all the pages, all the titles and tags on those pages, and all the links (especially the broken ones!). Our favourite tool for this is the blazingly fast Screaming Frog, which at £99/year is decent value for the use we get out of it.

I’d guess if you only want your site checked out occasionally though, there’s a little more cost implication. So I’ve been interested to try out an application called A1 Website Analyzer, which is just $69 (one-off fee) yet claims to be a “complete website audit and link checker tool”.


A1 Website Analyzer is certainly comprehensive, as you can see from some of the website scanner options above. It will help you inspect your internal links, as well as check for broken links, redirects, canonical references, meta refreshes and more. There’s detailed page title, header, description and keyword content analysis, and highlighting of URLs which are canonical, noindexed, robot-excluded etc. You can check your entire site for specific text and code, which can be a lifesaver, and even spell-check the entire site. And, as they say, there’s much more. It even looks at the lengths of your title tags on a pixel-count basis, like Google does; it’s recommended that you keep your title tags to under 50-60 characters, for example, but in reality, Google doesn’t work on a character-count basis, it looks at the actual total width of the title in pixels.

For those of you who like to manage your own site without the help of dedicated website optimisation specialists, I’d definitely recommend trying out A1 Website Analyzer, which is available as a free fully-functional trial. Although it has many capabilities that may only be of interest to people like me who take all this a little too seriously, its headline functions will be useful for every website manager.

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