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Don’t get sniffy about the idea of a “blog”

The word “blog” still has too many disappointing associations with the more trivial side of web content. However, companies who think themselves above having a “blog” tend to over-react to this. What a blog gives you is the chance to write useful, informative content which might be awkward to fit into the sort of “brochureware” website which most companies have got. Those who like the idea of constantly adding to their website but don’t want to have a “blog” often decide to call it some sort of “news feed”, and end up talking about themselves when they should be helping prospects and customers. Then they wonder why nobody wants to read their stuff.

If you (or whoever you report to) get all sniffy about the idea of a “blog”, then at least try to take advantage of the concept – even if you don’t like the label. A good company blog lets the world know that you understand more than the strict remit of your products and services. It says: “We’re knowledgeable, helpful people you might like to do business with”. Try doing that with a news feed.

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