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How to demonstrate the benefit of real SEO

Yesterday I talked about what SEO actually is nowadays. But if it’s all about appearing in the search engine results for more, different, search terms, as well as appearing higher, how can we measure it? Quite easily, as it happens. And it should be obvious how, to us, because we’re in marketing. We understand that it’s the benefits which define something’s usefulness, not the features.

So what is the benefit of SEO? Simple: more traffic from the search engines. Something which is easy to measure in your website analytics.

I’d probably amend that to read more quality traffic from the search engines, but if you’ve already defined quality traffic on your site, looking at the long-term trends in that from search engines is one of the simplest reports there is. It’s also the ideal response to the sales director who keeps saying you should spend more time “getting us to number one in Google for blue widgets”. You’ve been doing something even more useful than that, and here’s the graph to prove it.


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