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Who’s still got access to your web services?

Your company probably uses a number of online services nowadays: I’m talking here about things like Google AdWords and Google Analytics, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. The chances are that more than one person will have had access to these accounts over the years – but have you checked recently that access is only available to your current team? Perhaps an agency or consultancy once used the account, or members of staff who have now left the department or the company. You don’t want them to be able to see or control it long after the event, and – to be fair – nor do they.

Some services, such as a Twitter account, only allow a single login name (or email address). So if a number of people have had access to the account in the past, they will always have access… unless you change the password. This, therefore, is something you should do regularly.

Other services, such as Google ones, allow multiple logins, so you should check that the list of system users doesn’t include old names, because even if you change your own password, it won’t affect them. In Google Analytics, for example, a quick click now on Admin – User Management might reveal one or two names who you really wouldn’t want seeing your website traffic data any longer. Deleting them is just a click away.

And don’t forget the biggest one of all: access to your company website’s content management system. You really do need to know if it allows more than one set of login credentials, and if it does, what they are. And if it only allows one …change that password from time to time.

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