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Why video continues to be a must-have in B2B marketing

Some of you might be aware of the explosion which is going on in YouTube video at the moment, rather ignored by the traditional media. It’s something in which I have a particular interest, and I’m involved in a website which is documenting the YouTube original programming scene here. If you’re not up to speed with what’s happening, a number of enterprising kids are making home-made programmes which are getting viewing figures which most TV channels would die for, and it’s big business. Some are using their success to finance trips around the world, others have offices and whole businesses built on the back of what they’re doing. It’s quite amazing.

The problem is, with kids able to make videos that get a million views overnight, it’s easy to feel that if your useful “how to” video only gets 50 views, it’s some sort of failure. Don’t fall into that trap. Of course a video about power supplies or pumps is not going to “go viral”. But when we make short videos for clients for £250 each, and one of these gets “only” 50 views, that still represents just £5 a time to get a serious message over to someone. Nobody’s going to watch one of these videos unless they’re genuinely interested in the subject, so £5 represents incredible value.

Our videos are a specific format, but if you want other types, such as product demonstrations or expert interviews, there are many good, low cost video production services around. Indeed, you may well have the equipment and ability available to you in-house nowadays. Give that a try. Video is no longer the exclusive province of highly skilled professionals, as the YouTube kids demonstrate.

What’s more, videos give you additional exposure in the Google search results; they improve your website immeasurably; and they liven up exhibition stands at very little cost (all you need is an iPad connected to a TV). They’re one of the best value initiatives you can add to your marketing plan at the moment.

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