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Reinforcing your brand around the web

Yesterday I looked at why you should advertise on the Google search results page for your own company name, as part of a brand reinforcement strategy. Now let’s look at how else you can use Google’s AdWords advertising system to promote your brand and current initiatives to people who are already aware of your organisation.

Unfortunately, there’s no single place where you can advertise and catch everyone who’s shown interest in your company, unless there’s some sort of independent user website which every customer visits. Instead, it’s time to throw out any traditional ideas you may have about how to reach people. Instead of trying to find a single place where all these people go, it’s now possible to advertise everywhere – but only to these people. Imagine being able to show a poster for your company on every billboard in the land, but your poster only pops up when someone who already knows you passes by.

This has been made possible by one company – Google – operating the advertising real estate on millions of websites, and being able to display adverts tailored to the individual viewer. For branding, it can be a unique opportunity. Once somebody has been to your website, they’re quietly marked as having done so, and from that moment on, you can have your ads shown to them on sites all over the web. Google calls the system remarketing.

We advise clients to use remarketing judiciously, as it’s pointless telling people who’ve visited your website what they know already. But if you want to show them new offers, or products they might not already have seen, it’s fantastic at bringing them back. And for keeping your name in front of them, it’s unbeatable.

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