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Google results: are you being cut off in your prime?

Last week I drew your attention to the new style of Google results, and posted some before-and-after screenshots. There’s now even more detail in a very thorough comparison called “Google’s 2014 Redesign: Before and After” at The Moz Blog, which you might like to take a look at. One of the more interesting observations there is that with the titles on the results being in a larger (and rather unpleasantly spaced-out) font, there isn’t room for as many characters. This may mean that your carefully-calculated titles might now be cut off in their prime, as the following example demonstrates.

Remember the example I frequently use of a really good-looking Google result? Even with Google’s un-asked-for addition of “BMON” on the end, it was very neat:


Now, however, they’ve gone and made it look blummin’ awful (below). Why they add “BMON” on the end, only to then chop it off, I just don’t know. Maybe they’ll get this sorted, but in the meantime, if this result was important to me, I’d be looking to get it shortened. It might be worth investigating your most important results in Google.


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