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Grouping your Google Analytics data more meaningfully

Content Grouping is a potentially useful new feature in Google Analytics which I think will really appeal to those of you who have quite large websites split into identifiable classes of pages. It allows you to create groups of pages and examine the data collectively, and could be used, for example, to collate language sections of the site, or perhaps product categories.

To be honest, there’s nothing which couldn’t be done using “segments”, as the more experienced amongst you may already be thinking. But you should certainly consider setting up one or the other, so that your reports can reflect the way your company thinks about its site better.

There’s more in Wrangle Your Site Categories And Product Types With Content Grouping on the Google Analytics Blog.

An equivalent was also introduced last year for incoming traffic, allowing you to group sources of visits. You’ll see this as “Channels” under the “Acquisition” setting. We love this overview (below), but it needs a little work from the default setting to really make it shine.

What you need to do is to click on the Channels shown and see what they contain. It might be that certain significant sources warrant a channel of their own, or are in the wrong channel. You can play around with all this under “Channel Grouping” in “Admin”. We’ve pulled out the AdWords campaign for some of our clients, for example. The report is well worth spending some time with.


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