Thanks for nothing.

I hate marketing waffle. I can’t abide words like “solutions”, which come about because people in marketing are groping for a way to describe a range of activities their company provides, but can’t be bothered to find out how customers refer to what they do. (Clue: no human being ever used the word “solutions” in a genuine conversation). Unsurprisingly, I loved a recent blog post by Steve Woodruff which expanded on this. In Stop Offering Solutions!, Steve says: “What does your company do? ‘We provide technology solutions.’ Thanks for nothing. Because that’s what you just said. Nothing.”

He continues: “We each get only a few seconds and a tiny slice of our audience’s mental bandwidth to get our message across. What, exactly, ARE you solving? And HOW are you solving it? And for WHOM? Now we can have a sensible conversation.”

I’d also recommend Steve’s Clarity in 60 Seconds – “an experimental 1-minute e-book showcasing the advantage of having a succinct and clear go-to-market message”. Go read both.

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