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Go and look at some great slideshows and be inspired.

The chances are that there may be quite a few really good slideshows (e.g “Powerpoints”) knocking around in your organisation. If they were created for a seminar or a customer presentation, there’s every possibility that quite a lot of work went into them. So why aren’t you featuring them on your website? It’s so easy to upload them to a site like Slideshare, from where you can easily embed them in your website, just like you can with a YouTube video. Slideshows can often penetrate where video cannot, either because the user doesn’t like the idea of watching video, or is simply prevented from doing so.

I’m not suggesting a slideshow presentation is better than a well laid-out series of web pages. If you have the time and resources to repurpose sales or technical slideshows into proper web format, you’ll get the best results of all. But life’s not like that, and if you’ve got a lot of good Powerpoint material already created in-house, putting it online as a slideshow is a lot better than wasting it. Go and look at the most liked stuff on Slideshare this week and be inspired.

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