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You can’t Tweet your way to Google success. Yet.

Another week, another interesting video from Google’s Matt Cutts, who addresses the idea that the number of Tweets and Facebook likes that a page has somehow improves its Google search result ranking. This is not true, according to Matt. However, he does suggest that individuals’ social media authority will quite likely have an effect in the future, so it’s yet another reason to start building your company’s presence on these sites.


Matt adds: “There was an SEO (who) said: ‘OK, we see a lot of links on Facebook, and those are the pages that rank well’, but that’s correlation, that’s not causation. Instead, it’s probably that there’s something really awesome, and because there’s something awesome, it gets a lot of likes on Facebook …and a lot of people decide to link to it.”

There was, of course, a highly amusing example last week of the dangers of using correlation instead of causation, when Facebook suggested that rumours of its demise were perhaps premature.

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