You can’t force the conversation

I think that this new advertising product from Google is probably only of academic interest for most of us at the moment, but it’s worth seeing the way the wind is blowing in web-based advertising. +Post ads are going to enable companies posting news and articles on their Google+ pages to have them run as adverts on the Google Display Network, and anyone clicking on the ad will be able to see all the associated discussion, etc. Whereas other social media sites allow you to “promote” your contributions on their site in return for payment, Google+ is allowing you to “promote” your contributions all over the web, using the huge network of third-party sites which run its advertising. It’s all very clever, but whether or not it’ll ever be of relevance to business to business advertising, especially in highly technical sectors, is dubious. I just think it’s an inevitable result when marketing’s impatience clashes with social media’s glacially slow growth in professional markets; if you can’t get them to talk about you of their own accord, try forcing it down their throats. It won’t work. One thing time-served marketers all know is that the customers call the shots.

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