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I was looking at one company’s website recently with a view to working with them, and immediately saw that the basics of on-page search engine optimisation weren’t in place (as well as most pages on the site having a distinct lack of content). So I was surprised when I spoke to them that they were quite aware of all the best practices. What had led them to all but give up on trying to improve their search engine natural results traffic?

The answer turned out to be: “It’s impossible. We’ve got nearly 10,000 pages! How much would you charge us to write titles, description meta tags and indeed original descriptive copy for all of those thousands of products? We couldn’t possibly find that sort of budget!”

And that, of course, is true. If they’d asked us to spruce up their website in this way, I suspect we’d have had to put someone on the task for a year or more. The cost would be astronomical.

But you’ve probably guessed what I asked next. Might it be that some of your products are more important to you than others? Could we pick just, say, 100 products, and really get those pages working harder?

If you’re completely neglecting on-page SEO on your website because doing the whole site seems daunting, you don’t need to do everything. At least get the tags and content right on the key pages. Even if you only have a 20-page website.

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