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Using a good marketing service? Let us know about it.

From time to time, readers of these articles (like you!) email me to recommend a service, usually just because they think it’s great and that other people should know about it. I thought that it might be useful in the new year to actually do something with these, so here’s what’s going to happen. Based on your recommendations, I’m going to contact the companies concerned and invite them to write an article here, so we can indeed get them some wider publicity.

Here’s where you come in. If you subscribe to a great service, or use a particularly interesting agency or consultancy you think should be better known, then let me know. It might be something interesting online, such as an emailing, survey or reviews service. It might even be a PR, cuttings or advertising agency which does something different. Perhaps there’s an event or an organisation which should be better known amongst industrial and scientific marketing managers.

Have a think about anyone or anything you’ve commissioned or subscribed to in the last year or more which has proved to be a good investment. I can’t promise to contact them all, and I can’t guarantee that they’ll be interested in writing an article for us, but I hope we might get some interesting material.

To make it easy, there’s a form here which should take you just a few seconds to complete. I’ll do the rest…

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