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Now with added support from Google

This week I attended the launch of “Google Partners”, a new agency support programme from Google. Achingly trendy disused workshop venue, design your own gin and tonic, you know the sort of event. I went so you don’t have to, etc. I think it’s another step in the humanisation of Google, admitting that however much the company thought in the past that they could do things on their terms, advertising customers didn’t turn out to be prepared to “do it themselves” and interact with a machine. Especially one which wouldn’t talk to them. Advertisers took one look at Google AdWords, thought “this is way more complicated than advertising in a magazine”, and said “either someone does this for us, or we don’t do it at all”.

Now Google is embracing organisations who manage AdWords campaigns, realising that this is a route to getting a lot more businesses to advertise with them. We’re the human face they don’t have. These range from conventional we-do-anything advertising agencies, through dedicated “digital marketing consultancies”, to specialists like ourselves. Our extreme approach is that we deal in nothing other than managing Google AdWords campaigns, and focus on a specific market too (engineering and science). That’s why I wouldn’t dream of calling BMON an advertising agency. People seem surprised that we can making a living out of so small a niche! However, that’s what clients like about us. We immediately qualified to be a member of Google’s new “Partner Programme”, and I’m hoping that the support we’ll get from this will be of considerable help to those of you who use our services.

For those of you who don’t use us, and who might like to start a Google AdWords campaign, here’s the “elevator pitch” (and I hope the rest of you don’t mind).

BMON runs Google AdWords advertising on behalf of industrial and scientific sector clients. We aim to provide a totally outsourced service, where you just say: “here’s a purchase order for a fixed amount, now set up and run a Google AdWords campaign for us, and report back monthly with how many visitors it added to our website”.

We understand your technology and market, so we can research the search terms and write the ads without you needing to do our job for us. We don’t waste your time and money on meetings, and your budget doesn’t pay for us to have a trendy office, which is why I wouldn’t dream of calling BMON an advertising agency.

Oh, and I hope we’re nice people to deal with too.

If this sounds like your kind of arrangement, get a copy of our new 2014 guide which expands on the detail.

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