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What clickthrough rate is Google giving you?

The withdrawal of keyword data in Google Analytics has been awful for those people who want to improve their SEO, but it has at least focused attention on the different, but in many ways more interesting, data available in Google Webmaster Tools. Which, of course, you have got installed on your site, haven’t you? Anyone in marketing running a company website without (the free!) Google Webmaster Tools simply isn’t able to do their job properly.

Those of you looking to get more insights from Google Webmaster Tools might like to read How to calculate your true Click Through Rate with Google Webmaster Tools on the Blogstorm Blog. It’s technical – in that you need to be confident with an Excel spreadsheet – but what it can tell you is the sort of difference it might make if you were to improve your Google rankings by a few places. The impact can be quite dramatic. One for the stats fans then, but an important insight nevertheless.

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