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How to set up my favourite Google traffic KPI report

OK, it seems like I was a bit mean last week when I discussed my favourite report for showing how your website is performing in the Google results. I said that you could set up the report quite easily, and I did just that for any of our clients who asked. But many other readers got in touch and said: “we’d love to set it up, it’s just the thing we need to measure the success of our SEO campaign …but we don’t know how to do it”.

So here, for anyone with Google Analytics on their site, is how to set up the report which shows year-on-year trends in visits from Google to the site’s internal pages.


Firstly, select “Traffic Sources”, then “All Traffic” under “Sources”. This will give you the list of the sites which have been sending you visitors.

Now click on “Google/organic” to give you just the traffic from Google. Click on “Secondary Dimension” and type “Landing” in the search box; select “Landing Page” below.

You now have a list of the pages to which Google has sent traffic, and how much it sent to each. The site’s home page will probably be top of the list; it’ll probably be “/index.html” or even just “/”.

Now click on “advanced” by the filter search box under the graph. You want to set this to “Exclude” any Landing Page “Exactly matching” the home page (e.g /index.html or /). Click “Apply” and you’ll have a list of the pages to which Google has sent traffic, with the difference that the home page has disappeared from the list.

Now go up to the date, select a “Custom” date range, and set this to the last full 12 months. For example, if it’s early October, set it from 1 October last year to 30 September this year. Underneath, tick “Compare to” and select “Previous year”. Click “Apply”, then above the graph, select “Month”.

And that’s it. You can “Export” the graph to a PDF, or to an Excel spreadsheet, and you can set it up to be emailed to you regularly using “Email”. I hope you find it useful.

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