Relevant marketing: you already have what’s needed

I’m currently setting up a side project which couldn’t be more different from our everyday work in the industrial and scientific markets. It’s cataloguing the amazing world of video bloggers on YouTube – and believe me, if you’re over 21, you probably have no idea what’s going on. There are kids in Norwich sitting on the end of their beds, talking about their lives and loves, and getting watched a million times or more. Sometimes much more.

These are viewing figures which almost every TV channel would die for, almost approaching the numbers which the top soap operas get. I think the TV production companies and TV channels must be very worried. They’re certainly doing a good job of keeping this media phenomenon off the broadcast news.

The reason I’m mentioning it here is that, as ever, there may be implications for us in business marketing. What’s happened is that some people have identified an audience (people who are just like them) and made some entertainment precisely targeted to that audience. And that audience has upped sticks and left most other forms of media to follow this new, more relevant one. The quality is unimportant. The relevance is everything. If you have a 17-year-old of your own, you’ll know how little TV and radio they now “consume”.

The thing is, you’re just like your customer base. You have the same interests. So instead of marketing at them, why not talk to them? Put the people they can relate to – such as your sales team and technical support – at the forefront of your communications, and see what happens.

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