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An idea for a regular blog post

Marketing folks often ask me for suggestions of regular topics they can cover on company blogs and in newsletters which might get the attention of their prospects and customers. Sales-y stuff is easy, but we all know people don’t queue up to request that you send them that. Well, here’s an idea. Do you read quite a lot of material which is published independently in your market sector? I’m thinking of trade magazines, research journals, other newsletters, online forums, bloggers and the like.

I suspect that you do (possibly without knowing quite how much you do read!), and I’d bet that colleagues in sales and technical support do too. Why not produce a “recommended reading” list (say) once a month? We’re all faced with information overload, and as a customer, I’d appreciate some good pointers. As a bonus, you can link to the sources (nicely tagged, of course!) and gain some friends there too. Some of those might be places which could do you a favour in return.

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