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Getting onto the first page of Google results with video

Yesterday I looked at one of the main “intruders” into the natural text results in Google, which is the line of “image results” we often see. Another different type of result is the “video result”. Like the image results, a video result can provide you with a quick way of leapfrogging over long-established sites onto the first page of Google results, if you’re lucky. In the example below, a video has put Deep Sea Electronics at the very top of the Google results for a search on “monitoring ac supply voltage”, when previously the company had no presence on the first page of Google results at all:


“Video SEO” is a fairly well-documented field, so I’d recommend looking up a few articles about it, but in essence, all the normal rules apply concerning titles, descriptions, file names and the like. Also, if you’re not hosting the video on your own website, ensure that the YouTube (or wherever) version is embedded on a page in your website optimised for your target search term. I’d even include a link to the YouTube version on that page, as well as having the embedded video.

We find videos work well for explanatory searches (e.g. “What is..? etc), but one of the most interesting of these – and increasingly searched-for – is “A vs B”. For example, if there are two competing technologies in one of the fields in which you operate, try a Google search for “A vs B”. If there’s no obvious result, there’s an opportunity for a normal web page, of course, but if there are results already, a simple video explaining the topic might slot into the Google results very nicely.

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