Have you got time for online advertising?

Every month we’re approached by companies (usually readers of these articles!) to talk about running online advertising campaigns for them. Many have never before used any of Google’s range of advertising offerings (which is where we start, for most businesses), and have heard that it’s a lot easier to subcontract it out to people who know what they’re doing. Other companies contacting us have been using Google search marketing for a while, but realise they can’t keep up with all the developments to that basic product, never mind take advantage of some of the latest features Google has available.

Among the newer things we’re doing for clients at the moment is taking advantage of Enhanced Sitelinks. These give you a completely dominant position above Google search results. Then there’s “Remarketing“, where your ads keep displaying around the web to people who’ve visited your site already. There’s also “Remarketing lists for search“, where you can bid more on searches for people who’ve been to your site before. You might also want to investigate advertising on LinkedIn, which is providing interesting results.

I could go on. What all this means, however, is that there’s an increasing amount to learn just to keep up with the best of your competitors. That’s fine for those companies who are increasingly concentrating on online marketing. If you no longer have to organise that annual trade exhibition stand, you can use the time which has been freed up, to work on getting qualified in Google AdWords. But if you’re still never getting through your to-do list, may I suggest you ask us to come and show you why it’s better to let us do the day-to-day stuff, while you make the big decisions?

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